Bella Ease - Children & Family Non-Profit - History


  • 1998 - Adams County Health Department began an out-of-school program called Teen REACH
  • May 2006 - Dennis Williams joined the Teen Reach program 
  • June 11, 2014 - Bella Ease incorporated as a non-profit organization (501 (c)3) with a mission to, “Expand the range of choices and opportunities that enable, empower and encourage youth and their families to achieve positive growth and development, improve expectations and capacities for future success, and avoid and/or reduce risk-taking behavior.”
    • Teen Reach was brought under the new Bella Ease organization
    • Cheryl Williams became the Executive Director of Bella Ease with over 25 years of nonprofit administrative experience. 
  • June 2018 - Bella Ease became a Family Advocacy Center with a mission to “empower and build thriving, healthy children and families – at home, at school and at work.” 
    • Additional programs added, including Family Focus, Work Focus, College Bound, and parenting classes.